Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How smart is it to take a job, that you really do not plan on working to keep?

How smart is it to take a job, that you really do not plan on working to keep?  I would have to say, not very. 

As an Investor, I am a medium to large stake holder in 3 closely held businesses, and a small to medium stake holder in over 20 other businesses, with 7 of them (exclusive of the 3 closely held businesses).  By stakeholder, I am stating that I am a large shareholder.  I may not have a lot to do with the day to day of each of these businesses, but when I send over my do not hire list, they do not hire these people. 

Which leads me to the point of this post, do not just show up to see if this job is for you, especially if you already know that you do not want to do that kind of work.  REASON - you never know how that will effect your job searching in the future. 

For instance, picture this, you take JOB A, only because your bills are falling behind, and you know that you need a job, otherwise your phone, cable, and possibly lights will be going off, along with getting evicted.  So, you take JOB A, you fill out the application with all of the fluffy stuff that will get you an interview, then on the interview you seem interested and eager, your job history is not great, but the interviewer is willing to give you a chance, EVEN THOUGH - they have seen your previous 20 applications for the same position get dumped into the circular file in lieu of better qualified applicants (people that have good-verifiable job history, and really seem that they are interested in working for a living).  So the interviewer talks with management, and makes the case that, if we hire them now, maybe they will stop applying for this job, if it doesn't work out.  Management laughs and says, sure, good point, go ahead, JUST MAKE SURE WE MAKE MONEY FROM THEM, before they screw up.  Interviewer responds, no problem, we have a system for that. 

Long story short, the JOB TASTE TESTER, gets the job, they do not even get to see the training video, the company is weeding them out via HARD WORK first.  Sure enough, day 2 - the bad attitude employee gets canned at the END OF THE LONG WORK DAY.  Day 3, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, the other trainee sees that the amount listed in the employment ad requires WORK, and that employee does not show up for work.  Guess what, that is why most smart companies pay only minimum wage during training.  So, after taxes these 2 geniuses worked for $53.38 each, 1.5 hours of the trainer telling them that this is hard work, and filling out employment paperwork, and 6 hours of HARD WORK (designed to break the less than serious, and leave the real employees to earn the real money). 

Oh yeah, what did the company make from all of their HARD WORK, $603.00 after all costs.  Company invested $136 in hiring them, and having them work unsupervised at a location, to get a full return of $603, that is actually a 443% return on the investment. 

Morale of this story: 
You are not teaching anyone a lesson, you are wasting your valuable time, and possibly hurting your chances of being hired later, when you really need it (very possibly by a company owned or partially owned by the job that you left on poor terms - PUN INTENDED).

We developed this system over 8 years ago, after thinking that if you pay people a huge salary, they will do their best right away, and be very loyal employees, WRONG.  Instead we learned, most unskilled, uneducated employees, do not feel worthy, and will self sabotage, once they do make it to the big bucks, if they make it there at all. 

Well, good luck to M.S. and H.T. - and oh yeah, thanks for your work on Tuesday, I will use the $600 for my summer wardrobe, my wife's hair cut, and lunch on Wednesday.  I hope that your $49.64 each (what you get after taxes), was worth it.   

Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011 Maria Clavel UPDATE

Now Maria Clavel has moved from one level of COWARDICE to another level of COWARDICE.  We sent her a cease and desist notification (to be followed up by our attorney, and also forwarded to the Bethlehem Police Department-so we can establish a pattern of harassment), and we no longer found the false statements being made on Craigslist Job Listings.  NOW, she has started the cowardly actions of flagging and deleting the ads. 

Once again, this is just another disgruntled person, all because we have rules and regulations, and as an employee or a candidate for employment you MUST follow them for the survival and growth of our businesses. 

What I cannot understand is why be a coward, and act in an anonymous manner, if you are in the RIGHT.  If you are in the RIGHT, stand up and be heard, lay all of the cards on the table and let the TRUTH speak for itself.  OTHERWISE, you are probably LYING about some or all of it, and must hide. 

We challenge Maria Clavel to allow us to publish all of her employment records with us, and she should make a statement.  THEN THE TRUTH SHALL SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT.

DO NOT HIRE MARIA CLAVEL, SHE IS HARASSING OUR COMPANIES, even the one that she did not work for, which shows that she is just maliciously trying to hurt our company, in my opinion. 


Friday, January 28, 2011



Maria Clavel - She worked for us, and as a result of her being our employee, we cannot discuss the specifics of her employment with our company.

But, as of January 6, 2011, she no longer worked for us, and we can discuss her behavior since then.  As usual we will keep if VERY FACTUAL.

As of January 27, 2011, out of no where she shows up on Craigslist posting false statements (LIES) about our company.  Her stated goal in the posts are to deter employees from applying with our company, and then in the latest post she is appealing to anyone that would patronize our business. 

Well, as with the last person that assaulted our company, this person will be contacted by our attorney's and we will begin to pursue legal action, if she does not Cease and Desist. 

It is a terrible shame that Maria Clavel would try to use Craigslist to damage our company, instead of moving on with her life. 

Actions like this make a person get on our list of DO NOT HIRE. 

Trust me you will appreciate this post, and not making the mistake of hiring Maria Clavel. 

Well we kept it factual, she began posting lies, we have proof that they are lies, our proof is in payroll reports, video footage, and other paper documentation.  LIES, LIES, LIES. 

For more information contact us through this blog, and we will assist you in any way that we can.

Attention Employers - There will be an update soon.

There is another person to add to the list.  We have video, tests, and more to show that this new person is attacking us, without cause. 

Brief Overview:
This person QUIT her job earlier this month, because she was being written up for a very serious company violation.  This person does not want to be corrected, and does not care about how she effects your organization. 

She was lucky to be employed with us, considering that she failed our test miserably, was caught on video (with audio) cheating off of another persons test.  But, she failed 4 of the 5 test modules with less than a 50% score, but on the one that she cheated on, she scored almost 100%. 

She is arrogant, and harmful to business.  More information to come.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Soon we will be adding one more to the list.

Initials are KF. 

This person was a smart alec, and decided to be wise with her supervisor, on the third day on the job.  Well, long story short, she no long has one.  It is going to be tough paying bills, especially with the daughter, her baby moving in. 

Next someone associated with this person, posted a negative lie on the youtube page of another one of our companies.  We have let our attorney know, along with the police.  After notifying them, they told me that this guy has a history of harrassing persons. 

Little does she know, but we own several businesses, and we are friends with a lot of other business owners.  It is about to become VERY HARD to get a job. 

Plus, this person must have forgotten that she was doing business, and not claiming it on her taxes while living in NH.  I wonder if the IRS would like to know about this. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting a JOB!

1. Search for jobs that you are willing to give your 100% effort to.
2. Follow the instructions to get an interview.
3. GO TO the interview, AT THE RIGHT TIME.
4. Behave as if you want the job, and realize that just because you got an interview, does not mean you have a job.
5. Tell the truth on the application, and in the interview. If you have things in your past job history, either be serious about making a change, or do not go on the interview.
6. If you get the job, DO THE JOB, DON'T FOOL AROUND, AND TRY TO MODIFY THE COMPANY RULES, OR TEST MANAGEMENT.  Bottom line is that they can fire you, and then you are right back at square one.  Most of the time businesses belong to a chamber, and a lot of times they belong to more than one.  Most businesses do discuss the real bad interviews, employees, and yes, former employees.  Do not get yourself unofficially black listed. 

Help bring America back to its GLORY, and once again, let a good hard days work be rewarded with good pay.  God Bless America.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Employers - Craigslist not a good source

I think we all are starting to notice a change to how many legitimate employers are posting jobs in Craigslist.  CONGRATULATIONS.  I bet that the terroristic unemployeds that have been flagging and deleting ads because of screening process, and compensation, are now realizing that they have chased away, the real jobs. 

Capital Region Help Wanted has been a very good resource for our company.  Good Luck.